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The mission of The Bronx Academy of Health Careers is to provide students with the experiences and education to become competent, self-confident, literate, responsible, and compassionate citizens who are ready for college and careers.


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NYC High School Admissions Guide

Bronx Academy of Health Careers
DBN: 11x290
Admission Code: X22A

For more information on how to apply to the Bronx Academy of Health Careers please visit an Enrollment Center OR visit the High School Enrollment Page.

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We provide our students with a safe and supportive environment in which students can grow and realize their potential for success.

Through the use of sound educational practices supported by mentoring, collaboration, and exposure to various careers and pre-college experiences, we will enable students to graduate from high school and successfully transition to post-secondary institutions and be involved in their communities.

We will use social and emotional learning to further build a positive school culture which fosters a more resilient and coherent school community geared towards the rigors of college and career readiness.

Staff, community, and parents will collaborate to ensure that our students receive the necessary supports and resources they need to succeed to become stewards of good healthcare.

2018-2019 School Goals (as per CEP)

  • Students will be College Ready
  • Students will be provided with a positive and supportive classroom and school culture
  • Instructional practices will provide rigor and support all student learning
  • Teachers will collaborate and support one another and the school
  • Families will be involved in student success and college access


Principal’s Message

Bronx Academy of Health Careers (BAHC) welcomes you to our website!

Our goal is for every student to graduate ready for college and careers. We all work together- students, families, and staff- to ensure students are supported academically and socially during their time here. We focus on exposing students to academic rigors, college, careers, and the various aspects of healthcare professions.

This website contains important information about our school including events, resources, and contact information. We hope that this website will be beneficial to both students and parents to familiarize everyone with our school and to keep everyone updated.

Please feel free to reach out and contact our school for any reason. We look forward to collaborating with you!


Dawn Santiago, Principal